The Focus of The Empress Bridge

Healing and Transformation

As of 2020, just over seven years since the end of the Mayan Calendar, our world is in a state of chaos. As we look at what is happening around us, never before has the future been so dependent on each person asking some very important questions ...

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Aligning With Our Soul’s Plan

In 2020, it appears that few of us are living happy, healthy, fulfilling lives, many dislike our jobs and would like to be doing something else, and many of us are addicted to electronics, feel life passing us by, yet feeling helpless to make changes ...

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Classes to Promote Healing and Self-Empowerment

Our classess include the Spirit Alignment (Certificate) Program, Healing with the Tarot (Parts 1 and 2) and the Complete Pendulum Dowsing course. Classes run for 6 - 12 weeks between June and November.

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