Aligning With Our Soul’s Plan

On a personal level, it is easy to observe what is occurring perhaps in our own life and in the lives of those around us ...

  • few of us are living happy, healthy, fulfilling lives due to challenges with relationships, family, financial problems, or other issues
  • many dislike our jobs and would like to be doing something else but because of fear, debt load or both, remain where we are
  • many of us are addicted to electronics, feel life passing us by, yet feeling helpless to make changes

Those of us who have been on the path to higher consciousness are realizing that at some point in time, we have become disconnected from our soul and to what makes our life meaningful.

With this in mind, aligning with our soul’s plan has become the focus of both individual sessions as well as the topics of personal healing classes at The Empress Bridge.

Dr. Edward Bach, known worldwide for his Bach Flower Remedies, believed that all disease is the result of a conflict between the personality and the soul.  He therefore focused his work on healing this conflict using the flower essences he developed to enhance our positive soul qualities.

With this in mind, when it comes to letting go of conditioning, healing sessions need to focus on restoring balance to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of who we are if we truly want to align with our soul’s plan.

Individual Sessions

Over the years, the types of sessions offered at The Empress Bridge have changed to incorporate a growing number of insights being received from what can only be referred to as higher guidance. This involves the relatively new modality known as Pendulum Dowsing which permits access to what some say is our own innate wisdom or what others say is coming from our own personal guides, higher self or oversoul. 

Wherever these communications are coming from, one thing is known for sure, these non-physical or spiritual beings we are accessing, not only know our personal story but also what is standing in the way from where we are now and where we want to be. We could say they are more knowledgeable about who we are and the path we need to take than we are!

A Divination System has been devised over the last few decades that provides unlimited possibilities to be communicated through Dowsing that permits access to whatever information is deemed (by these spiritual guides) to be an important part of our healing process.

Once we decide to seek out a practitioner to help improve the quality of our lives, the question is often where to begin? Do we start with physical health, self-worth issues, personal goals, spiritual enlightenment?  What practitioner or technique will be the most effective?

At The Empress Bridge, dowsing is used to take the mystery out of where we need to start and what will work best for us. The recommendations we may receive from our higher guidance are too numerous to list as there are hundreds of different possibilities to access at any given time, however some of the themes we are directed to explore may include:

Accessing techniques that can assist our body on a physical level with possibilities ranging from:

  • getting to the root cause of a problem we are having
  • the elimination of parasites, bacteria and candida overgrowth using a frequency generator
  • identifying food sensitivities and nutritional deficiencies.
  • strengthening a specific body system (digestive, elimination, nervous or immune)
  • guiding us towards an overall relaxation or bodywork process
  • addressing a particular issue in our life to do with being more grounded in our body or having more boundaries
  • suggesting homeopathic essences, herbal formulas, cell salts, etc.

Accessing techniques that can assist our body on an emotional level with possibilities ranging from:

  •  getting to the root cause of fear, anxiety, depression or other debilitating emotions stored in  our body from this and other lifetimes.
  • working with the chakra system
  • suggesting flower essences that can take the edge off something we are going through
  • dealing with a specific trauma or relationship

Accessing techniques that can assist our body on a mental level with possibilities ranging from:

  • identifying negative thought processes
  • re-programming beliefs that are sabotaging our efforts to move forward
  • creating better integration between our brain and body for improved memory, co-ordination, reading comprehension, focus, hearing, vision, creativity
  • improving creativity, self-worth, confidence, risk taking, communication

Accessing techniques that can assist our body on a spiritual level with possibilities ranging from:

  • looking at specific life themes we have come into this life to explore and heal such as specific soul lessons and challenges by having our Astrology Chart drawn up for the date, location and time of our birth
  • understanding karmic challenges that need to be overcome in this life by having a soul reading done so that we can become more in touch with what our soul’s intentions were for incarnating
  • receiving a tarot reading to shed light on a specific question or problem we may be having