Healing and Transformation

As of 2020, just over seven years since the end of the Mayan Calendar (December 21, 2012) our world is in a state of chaos. As we look at what is happening around us, never before has the future been so dependent on each person waking up and asking some very important questions: “How did we get here?” and “What is it going to take to change what is going on?” The key to answering both of these questions is knowledge. Without knowledge, we remain ignorant of the truth. With knowledge, we have the power to make choices for ourselves. Otherwise, we simply get swept up into the mass beliefs of society, most of which, when examined, are false.

For those that are at least somewhat aware, it doesn’t take much to realize that something is definitely wrong with the world we see around us and the direction things seem to be moving in.  Who can deny the following truths?

  • rampant diseases caused by the breakdown of our body’s ability to deal with the toxins in our food, air, water and environment
  • a complete lack of trust in government, politicians and big business as theft, fraud, cheating, lying, insider dark deals, not to mention a completely polarized society
  • corruption of big pharma and our medical system who seem to have completely forgotten the concept of the oath to do no harm
  • more and more people concerned about how they will make a living in the future
  • the takeover of artificial intelligence which few realize, will put an end to our rights and freedom
  • staggering student loans taken out that are either failing to provide jobs or will take a lifetime to pay back for those who thought their education would provide them with a stable future
  • war, hunger, terrorism and outbreaks of viruses all becoming the norm
  • nuclear disasters like Fukushima distributing high levels of radiation across the globe, not to mention the spraying of toxic chemtrails in the sky - and yet both these topics being completely blocked out by the media
  • addiction to both illegal and prescription drugs, including our youth and very young children
  • depression and suicide in unprecedented numbers and more and more people feeling unable to cope with life
  • sexual violence, acts of perversion and degradation of human values growing more blatant in real life and on screen in a world where anything goes
  • facing the threat of a world economic breakdown

Many choose to turn away from looking at the dark story of Earth but this only locks us into deeper denial of the problems that exist and doesn’t help find solutions for our children and grandchildren in the future. However, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. There is something we can all do to lessen the chaos around us and that is to make a decision to raise our frequency above the level of consciousness that is creating the current chaos in the world. This is where the hundredth monkey story comes in.  When enough people become aware of the bigger picture and decide they want to each play their part towards making the world a better place, something magical happens - awareness begins to replace ignorance.  As more people become aware of the problems facing us, they will automatically be drawn towards others of like mind who also want to become involved in creating a better future for themselves, their loved ones and society.