Life Readings and Sessions

These readings can give you an overview of your life from your soul’s perspective. They provide a snapshot of the themes you came to experience in order for you to grow and evolve in this lifetime.

Life Readings

A tarot spread is laid out that will outline your life experiences including the inevitable challenges you are here to overcome. Your soul’s original intention for incarnating will be discussed.  Prior to the reading, I will ask for your birth data including your birth name, date, location and time you were born. This additional information will add insights to the reading as well as be a reference point for future follow-up sessions.

Follow-Up Sessions

Foll up sessions are available once you have processed the information contained in your Life Reading. It can be intriguing to know ‘how you are doing’ at this current stage of your life and whether you are still on track with your original soul’s intention, or have perhaps lost your way during the process of simply living your life. This is one way you can receive validation for where you now find yourself.

Alignment Sessions

Gentle bodywork sessions are carried out to release blockages in your energy field.  These imbalances may directly relate to unprocessed experiences from this and other lifetimes and can be most beneficial after receiving a Life Reading. Dowsing is used to identify the priority areas to focus on as well as the type of healing work that would be most effective for you personally. Not only are these alignment sessions extremely relaxing, but they also help you feel a deeper sense of connection to your soul’s true essence as mind chatter disappears and a feeling of inner peace is experienced.

Pendulum Dowsing Sessions

Pendulum dowsing sessions are a way you can connect to higher guidance and receive information about yourself and your life. They can help you get to the root cause of something you are having difficulties with and assist you in resolving whatever is found.

Dowsing can be used as a valuable tool to enhance all other sessions or it can be used alone as an effective method for helping you bring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance into your life.

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